Starter Motor Assembly Line

  • SPM for Field Coil Torque Tightening
  • Pneumatic Press for Bush Pressing & Sizing
  • Pneumatic Press Locker For Armature Drive Assembly
  • Continuous Conveyer flow for Starter Assembly

Armature Assembly Line

  • Hydraulic Pressing
  • SPM for Conductor Pressing
  • SPM for Conductor Twisting
  • SPM for Conductor Squeezing
  • SPM for Conductor Cutting
  • SPM for Welding
  • Hydraulic Press for Commutator Pressing
  • Baking OvenHigh Speed Turning
  • Testing ( Surge Tester, High Voltage , Growler , Conductor Resistance Tester)

Product Evaluation Center

  • Starter motor Test Panel
  • Solenoid Switch Test Panel
  • Alternator Test Panel

Dimensional, Chemical & Metallurgical Test Center

  • All incoming parts are subject to dimensional check as per respective Control Plans at incoming stage
  • Chemical analysis of metals (out source at STARWIRE India Ltd.)
  • Heat Treatment ( out source at Abhishek Enterprises)
  • Validation of Insulating Material, Rubber Parts, Copper wires & Springs( out source at STARWIRE India Ltd.)

Reliability Evaluation Center

  • Live Engine Test Bench ( for Complete Units )
  • Endurance Bench ( for Solenoid Switch)
  • Hot Chamber Test Bench ( for Alternator )